Music Without Boundaries HARAR, Ethiopia:
Review from Capital Ethiopia

The Harari edition of?Music Without Boundaries?started with their own traditional music; a kind of religious rhythm like "menzuma" followed by beautiful Harari women dressed up in colorful, bright, red and pink dresses. When they played their unique drum and olive wood instruments they looked like flowers, the pride felt by these people towards their home was evident.
In a unique twist, the world famous Spanish flamenco duo"Aida and Ricardo Garcia" from Barcelona performed together in a onetime presentation. Aida, from Barcelona Spain, made her mark with guitarist and composer Ricardo Garcia and with their flamenco twist they gave the festival an indigenous feeling and her percussive foot work inspired people. I observed how a young woman in the audience found it too hard to sit motionless, by the end of the first song she had unfolded her squatted posture and was dancing like a Spanish cricket in the wind . Flamenco dance is a highly expressive Spanish dance, it is a solo dance characterized by hand clapping, sweeping hand, arm and body movements and rhythmic foot stomping. Its kinetic influence upon the audience was palpable. The flamenco dance was an event to remember drawing a large and excited crowd of audience shouting "Aida, Aida."
It turned out to be a marvelous celebration of music, love and harmony.
Smiles were abundant and dancing was un-inhibited to say the least.