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Flamenco for kids
Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco Flow (UK & Spain)

Flamenco for all the family. Learn the rhythms, stamp your feet, clap along, get up on stage ... and dance!
Costumes for kids and instruments to try out. A totally unique experience!
This show is great for little girls who love dancing, going up on the stage and dressing up. It is on at C eca (the Edinburgh College of Art on Lauriston Place). It is on at 13.30 and is on from 3-14 and 20-29 August. The cast consists of with a lady and man flamenco dancers and a Spanish guitar player. At first they do a short show with amazing guitar playing and fabulous flamenco dancing - lots of heel stamping and swishing skirts. We were all enthralled. Then the children in the audience are invited ontothe stage. They are taught the steps in simple to follow stages, they practise and then disappear off to get their costumes on. Children's flamenco dresses, skirts and shawls are all supplied although some children in the audience came ready dressed up. The children all come back on in costume and do a show. It was amazing what they had learned in such a short time. All the doting parents in the audience, including me, were getting photos of their little ones being so clever - while of course, the real skill was in the teachers. The dancers were lovely with the children. The children, almost exclusively little girls, all looked so cute. The show is being sponsored by the Spanish consulate. The dancers were actually Spanish and spoke in Spanish and with the costumes and music, it was so authentic it really transported me out of Edinburgh and into Spain for the duration of the show. Worth it for that alone! The same cast also do an adult show at 8.10pm every evening which of course my girls now are desperate to go to now that they have had a taster. Anna aged 7 said "I thought it was really good but it was a bit squashy getting changed into my flamenco dress. Its great to go. I would recommend it. I loved the dancing. The dresses were flappy". Rosie aged 5 says "Its fun. Its a bit hard. We dressed up in real flamenco clothes. The lady had a big long dress. I liked it". My girls are age 7 and 5 were at the older end of those there. The show is advertised at 3+. Some of the little ones though needed their mummy's to go up with them on the stage - but it was fine for that to happen. Both my girls loved bring on the stage and had an excellent time.