August 07, 2011
FIVE STAR Review from Broadway Baby
Reviewed by Sujana Upadhyay

Flamenco in All its Glory

As the name suggests, Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco! Flamenco! is about...flamenco! It is not just simple song and dance, however, it is much more.
World guitarist Garcia and his extremely talented dancers, Aida Gil Garcia and Frederic Gomez, successfully entice the audience by blending traditional flamenco sequences with other dance styles, such as the tango and tap. They also use the Peruvian Cajon, a box-shaped percussion instrument not often used in flamenco, and castanets to add to the already exhilarating rhythms, creating a fascinating, multi-layered performance.
There is much to be excited about this year as most of the show is comprised of new songs and dance sequences created specially for the Edinburgh crowd. On the opening night itself, Garcia and the dancing duo gave an impeccable performance, keeping the audience gripped throughout, their feet tapping. During the 55-minute show, the audience is treated to music of varying moods, from sensual to upbeat to desperate, as if depicting a story of lovers suffering for their passion for each other; each mood is effectively characterised by the dancers.
The show is extremely well-choreographed and constructed, ensuring each performer gets their fair share of the spotlight. The beautiful costumes are carefully chosen and changes between them swift. Throughout the entire performance, Garcia and the team engage with the audience willingly and effectively. The already spellbound audience are made to feel like they are more than mere spectators: they are part of the performance.
The trio are clearly experienced in and passionate about their art. It has often been said that through flamenco you can tell the story of life and, indeed, during the course of the evening a number of stories are very eloquently narrated. No wonder Flamenco! Flamenco! was welcomed to the Fringe this year with a standing ovation: the story they narrated was our very own.