The skinny

Flamenco! Flamenco!
Ricardo Garcia (Flamenco Flow UK & Spain)

The hall goes dark. Two white spotlights illuminate either side of the stage; two figures stand there - a ballerina on one side and a flamenco dancer on the other. The symmetry is remarkable, with a guitar player in the middle. The beginning of Flamenco! Flamenco! demonstrates that this is no conventional flamenco show. The audience is treated to a 55 minute performance that slips between flamenco, other kinds of dance and music. The musical accompaniment feels infinite, which allows the two performers to change costumes in between blackouts or while only one or neither of them is dancing. Ricardo Garcia's guitar playing is stellar; at some point it sounds as though two guitars are being played instead of one. As for the dancers, they demonstrate power, fluidity and speed, seeming to be convulsing violently from the waist down. There is no story; just the dance and the mellifluous tune of an acoustic guitar. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.