Flamenco Flow

  “Music becomes dance and dance becomes music. Ricardo Garcia takes the audience on an intimate journey of emotion, passion and exceptional musical dexterity with supreme flamenco guitar, cajon, castanets and dance. The guitar is a central theme, pulling the entire piece together; whilst playing solo, Garcia's fingers are mesmerising, as though dancing around the strings. Particularly impressive are the synchronised dance sequences, perfectly in time with the musical arrangement. Each movement produces sound, transforming dancer's bodies into instruments. The cast of three maintains striking energy levels throughout”.

--5 star review
Broadway Baby
Edinburgh Festival, 2011

  A cultural exchange and a meeting between various traditions, the show provides for the audience a delightful moment of pure Spanish atmostphere; “masterful” guitar rhythm combined with elegant flamenco duo dances and solos. Most of all, this is a voyage to the heat and the heart of Andalucia!