Flamenco for KIDS!

Started with a show in the Edinburgh Festival called Flamenco for Kids, (2002-2011, five star, sell out show) went to New Jersey as the community element of a residency at the State Theatre, New Brunswick, May 2006 (performance page).

Garcia and his partner, educator Julie Gunn, realised the empowering nature of this workshop - and the potential link to exploring Unity through music and dance. Flamenco especially has a story that works with this theme - it is a music that is intrinsically Andalucian Spanish - and is simultaneously a convergence of many cultural influences and traditions.(see above, Flamenco and Unity).Workshops have been held in Cambodia, in the Bronx, Glasgow Primary Schools, Orlando, Canada: Winnipeg, Vancouver, including 1800 kids in Ecuador, many of them street kids, and finally the Kenyan trip last March, in which Ricardo  - and Aida, (Flamenco dancer) - in Nairobi brought together children from the Kibera slums with children from the wealthy Riara Schools. The children would be brought together in music and dance, do workshops and eventually a combined performance in which the concepts of working together in Unity and exploring collaboration are a feature. This project was supported by the Spanish Embassy and supported by Hot Sun Films and the Kibera Film School. Thanks too to Braeburn Schools, Riara Schools and the Sarova group of Hotels.