Flamenco and Unity

2012 Africa Tour

Dar es Salaam / Zanzibar / Arusha
Nairobi / Meru / Mombasa
Addis Ababa

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Flamenco is the traditional art form of Andalucia in southern Spain. It has developed over several centuries from Andalucian, Gypsy, Moorish, and other roots. Flamenco music: song, clapping and dance was performed in families and amongst groups of gypsies until in the early 19th Century it grew in a wider popularity, and is now a highly popular and respected art form worldwide. Over a century ago, the guitar became common as accompaniment to the singing and the dance, and gradually the guitar solo also became a feature on its own. Now flamenco and guitar have become intricately linked and there are many superb guitarists who tour to worldwide acclaim.
Ricardo Garcia's Flamenco Flow project has travelled widely, working with flamenco performers and local performers internationally. This trio comprises guitar, dance, percussion, palmas, castanets; and the performance - based on this year's highly successful Edinburgh Festival show includes such traditional styles as the high-spirited 'BulerĂ­as'; the profoundly emotional 'Rondena' and the joyful 'Fandango', as well as a nod at more modern forms -including some synthesis with jazz forms and with Argentinian Tangoes, which allow the audience a glimpse of where flamenco has come from as well as where it is going...
Ricardo Garcia with his partner, educator Julie Gunn, felt drawn to the theme of Unity within Music . Flamenco especially has a story that serves the theme of Unity - it is a music that is seen as intrinsically Spanish - yet has origins in many different cultures.An example is the music of North India, which travelled with Gypsies through North Africa, picking up rhythms and absorbing melodies as it went, then arriving in Andalucia, Arabic music too has strongly impacted flamenco: Spain was Arab ruled for eight centuries from 711, and was an example of inter-cultural harmony: Jewish, Christian and Moor co-existing during much of that time. One of the goals of Flamenco Flow is to employ Flamenco to bring the message of Unity in Diversity!